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Superet Atom Aura Science

“This Auditorium has been built for the purpose of bringing out

The Teaching of Superet Light Healings of thousands.

Not just in body, but also in soul which no other College in the whole world has.

 Those Superet Light Science Laws are needed more than the Laws of Edison’s Light.

One is for soul, and one for the material healing”


               Our Beloved Mother Trust, the Aura Scientist, Dr. Josephine C. Trust, had the Gift from God and could see the Aura not only of people, but of animals, trees, flowers, vegetables, which their Atoms prove and show in their different colors by facts only.  This given Gift was used in the study for years of and for all the different Auras.  For everything that lives has different Atoms and Auras of light and of darkness, good and bad, which has to be analyzed, harnessed or dissolved according to the Law of Light.


            This is the living vibrating Light Truth as given here in these Lessons ‑ through which you will know how you will look standing before God.  You will also realize what to expect in life ‑ which is according to your Aura when you begin to see or feel tribulation which darkness gives.  For only Light gives happiness which your Auras will prove as your reward for here and hereafter.  Your duty is to earn Light for your soul, as God is Light.


               The Light Scientist proved the truth scientifically.  Mother Trust will teach you the Laws through Her Superet books that will save you from sickness and sufferings at the open Aura Class every Tuesday at 8:00 P.M., in the beautiful Superet Auditorium, where Mother Trust lectured in It to bring out to you the lessons and the consciousness into Light.  This wondrous Science is the only Science of its kind not given out in books or by scientists before; so It is called the Superet Atom Aura Science, or S.A.A.S.


All religions are welcome


God Bless You

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