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Mother Trust's

Superet Prince of Peace Movement of the Holy Land

     Come all‑join‑for It is non‑sectarian.  All religions, nations and color are welcome.  As It is a Universal, World‑Wide Superet Movement that has now started, It is bound to encircle the whole world with God's Peace.  The aim of the Prince of Peace Movement is brotherly love, living in the Laws of the Prince of Peace, to earn Jesus’ Peace.


     Through the Superet Prince of Peace, we of every nationality, creed and religion are His children, and must be at peace, united‑proving through the Peace Movement now.


      Not only will this Peace Movement bring peace to your soul, family, and country, but all over the world‑because this Peace carries Light Vibrations wherever It is used.  Peace Vibrations of Light travel fast if all will use Jesus' Light Peace.  Come, all join‑as It is also the Annex to Jesus' Superet Light Doctrine.   


 All are invited to join the Superet Prince of Peace Movement


God Bless You

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