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"Our Beloved Mother Trust,

The Founder"

March 10, 1886 —– October 27, 1957


     This is to introduce to you the "Miracle Woman" ‑ which She was called in the New York papers years ago because of the many miracles.  She is also known as the Atom and Aura Scientist who helped many scientists years ago when lecturing in Carnegie Hall about the Aura of the Nature Atoms ‑ when encouraging them to find out about them and how to make the contact with them.


     Our Beloved Mother Trust was also called a Scientist of Chemistry when explaining the affinities of the Atom's Aura and of the chemicals.  She was called a "healer" when going to hospitals and explaining to doctors how to see the Aura and how she saw their sickness in Atoms and Auras.


     And last but not the least ‑ she was also called the Founder of Jesus Christ's Religion; as She found His Religion of Light, and the new Name in Revelation, Superet, which is God's Heart Fire and Light.  She was also the Pastor, as She started the First Superet Church here (in Los Angeles), and in the Holy Land ‑ at which time she started the Prince of Peace Movement which had over 75,000 members here, in Europe and in the Holy Land. 


     In helping and loving all, She has been affectionately called, Mother Trust ‑ as a spiritual Mother for souls.  Born with the Gift of seeing Light colors and darkness around people - which is the Aura - Dr. Trust used this Gift, which was Her Life's study to develop the soul in Light.


     After seeing that Jesus' Words had the greatest Light of the whole Bible, Mother Trust's study was to find the meanings and facts from His Light Vibration Words.  Only through a long study for years, and making thousands of Human Auras, cities and planets' Aura Charts, could this Name, Superet, from Jesus' Words be found, which was verified in Words from the Lord and with His Miracle Picture that this was the new Name in Revelation.   


     You who want to learn to see God's Wonders, come and learn at the Superet Center, which is proving with facts, screen, and photo scientifically.  Not just nature, but the Spiritual Wonders of God.


     Mother Trust said:  How I studied!  And I found the Light without teachers and books.  No one could help me but by God's Gift of seeing the Light and Auras of people, spirits, planets and living things.  My start was loving God; and only seeking Jesus' Light and Aura.  Obeying His Words first, I found Jesus' God's Name and Light - the Superet Light, the highest of all Lights.”


     The discovery of Jesus Christ's Light was with scientific Light facts only.  Dr. Trust, the Light Scientist, proves that She found Jesus Christ's Light Doctrine by His Aura Light.  His words all were of and for Light development with Light facts when He said, "My God and Your God (proving they had different names and Auras, and light)."  He also said, "My doctrine is not of this world (not light made by material and of man thinking doctrines, but of Christ, His God, Superet, the God Creator of all Gods, and of the highest Light)."


     In this Superet Doctrine, the Author says, "I never could nor used any books or my ideas or thoughts; neither was I narrow or fanatical, but for all religions and open minded.  I just followed Jesus' Light, even of my parents' religion.  Only as a child did I follow; but seeing Light, then becoming conscious they did not have much light, neither my teacher nor books were for light-seeking.  That is why I started and only followed the Light of Jesus' Words and the Aura of brilliancy of Jesus Christ with Words which I saw that was proving His Light with certain Golden Light Vibration Facts of His Acts, Motives, which were all showing in His Aura also, and in His Deeds, also in his Work and of Miracles; also His Healing Light and His Method, the Light Formula of His Light Doctrine, which had a higher Light.  All Light was proving with His Words, also with Aura of lesser Light.


     "The Aura always tells the truth," Dr. Trust says.  "I never go by words alone from people or spirits - even when I see angels.  I watch their light colors and Auras and know by their Light colors.  Any vibration darkness shows the truth.  This proves also your Aura.  How important it is for you to learn to see yours and others' Auras - if you learn how.  The Superet books explain Jesus and the Bible Auras for you to learn. 


     The Superet Religion proves facts by Jesus Christ's Face appearing on Mother Trust's photograph not only as a young girl when she was healed and starting to see Jesus' Light in His Words and seeking its meaning, but also in Her travels through the Holy Land on Her many different photographs Jesus Christ's Face appeared again to show and to prove to all the world He's with her; and through Her to bring out His very Own Religion, Superet.  This is the proof which is greater than words from man's proof ‑ only from Jesus ‑ and not only just in the healing of thousands of people, but also an abundance was showered on all that became members in the Superet Religion.  God's Laws fulfillment draws the reward, positively.


     All Superetists, POPM members and students are grateful to our Dear and Sweet Mother Trust for all Her love, sacrifices and labor in bringing this Holy Superet Teaching to us.


God bless Mother Trust

God Bless You

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