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"My Doctrine Is Not Of This World"


Superet Light Church


     Our beloved Saviour's words, "On this rock will I build My Church."

The rock means the consciousness, and His Church is the Light Doctrine

on which Superet is built.


Purpose of Superet Light Church


     The Purpose of the Superet Church is to bring souls to God though the teaching and manifestation which Jesus gave while on earth.The white Light of God was and still is manifested, through Christ, and is now radioactive to our souls only by the power of the Holy Ghost.

     Superet teaching is positive success, because it can only give progression for the soul and lead you into the higher spheres, as recognizing Jesus Christ as the soul center of light,operating like a fountain of light, and those that are nearest to it get the most.


     When many are united together Christ will be with them, because consciousness of this cannot come by reading it, for words have little magnetism, but they must come to receive the vibration in order to become connected with the waves, as this is the soul light center and teaches nothing else but Christ's Gospel of light.


     Come to the Little Light House.  Jesus is waiting for you and will help you to be healed in soul and body free of charge as you will pay Him with Love.


     Unite with us in heart feeling of love and worship every Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m.,for the Holy readings from the Bible and Superet Books, prayers, Superet Hymns and for a special recorded Lesson given by Our Beloved Mother Trust.


God bless you

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